Hammam At Home

BELDI soap
Rhassoul clay
Argan oil

Step 1
Start by taking a long shower or bath. You can also transform your bathroom into a spa by letting the shower run at it’s hottest till the steam FILLS THE ROOM

Step 2
Take some of the Black soap and apply a thin layer all over your body. Let this sit on your skin for an additional 10mins in your steamy bathroom

Step 3
Wash all the soap off your body and wet your kessa glove. Scrub your entire body, taking care to be gentle on sensitive areas. Rinse the glove often to get rid of the dead skin that will form on it.

Step 4
Rinse body and mix the Rhassoul clay with water or rose water and apply a thin layer all over your body. Leave on your skin for 5 mins in your steamy bathroom.

Step 5
Rinse off the clay and finish by massaging the Argan oil into your skin.

I cannot explain how clean you will feel after this treatment. If you try it, do let US know what you think below.